What is PlanDone?
PlanDone is an on-demand, hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), project planning, task executing, team managing, time tracking, report generating, document sharing, cloud collaborating productivity tool designed for people to communicate and to work together more efficiently and effectively. Teams break large projects and tasks into small pieces or action steps to delegate and to share in order to meet or beat deadlines.

The concept for PlanDone was formed in 1994, and a proof-of-concept working prototype was built in 2001. In 2004, beta testing began with several companies that helped drive much of the usability testing and feature selection. PlanDone was formally founded in 2006.

Founder and CEO: AJ Wacaser. AJ has a M.A. in planning from University of Illinois and 18 years of public and private experience in the high tech sector as a software engineer and global project manager. Most recently he was the Web Development Manager at KnowledgePoint in Petaluma, CA. He helped guide development through the boom/bust dot com years and helped many small businesses with a suite of pay-per-use, on-demand HR productivity tools such as HRTools.com, JobDescription.com, PerformanceReview.com and PersonnelPolicy.com. These products are currently owned by Administaff. When HRTools.com launched in 1999, the site was selected as a Codie Award finalist.

Our Purpose
To enable and inspire our customers to better manage their knowledge bases and workforce.

Our Mission
In an era when businesses must better utilize technology and talent to succeed, PlanDone will earn its position as the most trusted, innovative, and responsive provider of project collaboration services. We will have achieved this mission when:

- PlanDone is consistently named by customers, competitors, the press, and industry insiders as the first and foremost choice for project collaboration services for small to mid-sized businesses.
- Our customers consistently rate our service as well above average.
- We surpass industry standards for product stability and performance.
- We spend more time identifying and developing new products and features that meet customer needs than on product maintenance.

Our Values
An undeviating quest for excellence, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and profit.

Excellence is the passion of PlanDone
We have a passion for excellence in our products, organization, and relationships. We endeavor to build products that are clearly superior to all other solutions offered by our competitors and to become distinguished for our dedication to customer service.

The key to excellence in our products and service is talented and dedicated people. We strive to continually improve our personal effectiveness in our work, relationships, and personal lives. This goal is accomplished by building trust in who we are (our character) and confidence in what we can do (our competence) with our peers, customers, and community.

Integrity is the soul of PlanDone
Our quest is to continually align our actions with our principles. We achieve integrity by making and keeping meaningful commitments and by honestly matching words and feelings with thoughts and actions without desire to deceive or take advantage of others.

Personal integrity is the basis of our success with others and the foundation for building long-term relationships. The integrity of PlanDone is the sum of our individual actions among ourselves and with our customers, vendors, and our community.

Innovation is the heart of PlanDone
Innovation is fundamental to the success of "being clearly the best solution to any other alternative." Innovation arises from our motivation for continual improvement of products, organization, relationships, and ourselves.

Innovation's success is born from our trust in individual integrity and trust in our intelligence, skills, and experience. From this foundation we can accommodate mistakes encountered en route to innovation.

Teamwork is the backbone of PlanDone
We seek to build a strong teamwork ethic that enriches our personal lives, strengthens work relationships, and contributes to organizational success.

We want to build an environment of trust and open communication, where people working together are able to use their creativity for improvement and innovation that goes beyond what could be achieved by working separately. We have mutual responsibility to abide by the principles in the PlanDone Vision Statement.

The teamwork ethic is strengthened by our commitment to challenge each other (with trust and respect) when we do not live up to agreed-upon expectations.

Profit is the lifeblood of PlanDone
As a person needs food and water to thrive and grow, PlanDone needs profit and cash. While not an end in itself, profit and cash flow are essential to our existence and provide us the means to make our vision a reality and to live our core values.

Our Commitments
To our customers, we pledge to solicit their input and adapt our products to maximize the potential for making people more effective and productive in their work. We are always fair, honest, courteous, and professional. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and the final judge of fulfilling our commitment to excellence is our customer.

To our employees, we strive to improve the quality of life encompassing our work lives, our community lives, and our personal lives. Quality of life includes five important principles:

1. Acceptance and Tolerance: We understand the need to belong and be accepted, to join with others in common enterprises, and to engage in win-win relationships.

2. Challenge and Growth: We wish to cultivate the potential capability, intelligence, resourcefulness, initiative, and creativity of all people.

3. Purpose and Meaning: We desire to provide intrinsic satisfaction through work--meaning that the nature of work, the relationships at work, and the sense of contribution towards worthwhile goals are satisfying in and of themselves.

4. Fairness and Opportunity: We strive for fairness regarding economic rewards and opportunity regarding intrinsic rewards (challenge, opportunity, growth, accomplishment).

5. Life Balance: We believe in keeping extrinsic (economic) rewards balanced with social, psychological, physical, and spiritual needs.

To our community, we are committed to the enhancement of the community and industry of which we are a part, through the personal involvement and leadership of our employees.

To stakeholders in PlanDone, we strive to balance the interests of all who have a stake in the welfare and success of our organization (stakeholders include our employees, families, suppliers, customers, industry, and community).

From PlanDone leaders, we will expect management styles, policies, strategies, structure, and systems that are grounded in our vision for PlanDone.

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