Why PlanDone?

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PlanDone is used by various industries and provides many benefits to common business problems.

Are you currently using spreadsheets and email to manage your projects and tasks while hoping to make your deadline with multiple versions, confusion and miscommunication? If so, you should read our free Whitepaper

  • Online application reduces or eliminates meeting and travel expenses.
  • People are mobile and on the move while data, files, discussions, conversations, ideas and communication are centralized in one secure place to get everyone on the same page.
  • Teams of staff, clients, vendors, contractors, consultants in one secure place - finally!
  • Work smarter, better, faster by sharing critical data, ideas and expertise at the right time to make informed business decisions. Get up to speed quickly.
  • Cut training and maintenance costs to save time and money.
    • By inspiring teams to share, communicate and collaborate in an open, accountable and transparent environment anywhere and anytime, innovation begins.
    • By planning, centralizing and capturing all of the critical pieces of information related to project management, peace of mind happens.
    • By streamlining business processes, prioritizing and automating your task execution, productivity and profitability results.
    • No downloads, no installs, no hassles, cancel anytime.

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